Gyros Addison

Gyros Addison

Gyros (pronounced jiros) is a Greek dish that is relatively new. In Greece, the common meats used are Pork or Chicken, but Lamb and Beef are common outside of Greece. Gyros is unique in the fact that it is cooked vertically, where horizontal cooking on a skewer has been done since ancient times. While most people think that because there are few suppliers of Gyros cones that they would taste the same no matter where you go, the truth is how the Gyros is cooked that makes a difference.

Gyros Meat Addison

Cooking vertical meat wasn’t seen until the 19th century in Bursa, Turkey. The trend spread throughout the eastern Mediterranean area. In 1971 Gyros became very popular in both Athens and New York City. Recently Chicago became one of the largest producers of Gyros housing three major manufacturers. Gyros meat in American can be found with Pork, Lamb, and Beef in different combinations. Chicken Gyros is often sold as its own type. Lamb is among the most popular Gyros in the US. Typically Gyros combines the following spices to give Gyros its flavor:

  • Salt
  • hot and sweet paprika
  • white and black pepper
  • dried parsley
  • garlic powder
  • Oregano

Gyros Sandwiches Addison

The cooker for Gyros was originally a charcoal cage that radiates heat to cook the meat. Modern cookers use gas or electricity allowing for more control and even cooking. As the meat cooks the juices run down keeping the meat moist. The intensity of the heat and the distance the meat is from the heat can make a huge difference in the quality of the Gyros Meat. High heat and/or being too close can burn the outside of the cone ruining the flavor, while low heat or being too far can leave it soft or undercooked. This is made more difficult of a balance as Gyros Sandwiches are made the meat cone shrinks, changing the distance from the meat to the heating element.

Best Gyros Addison

The way to make the best Gyros is to control the cooking. At Franky’s Red Hots we make sure to maintain the right distance and heat balance to ensure the best quality Gyros around. We use quality Gyros cones from Kronos. That isn’t the only thing that goes into making a great quality Gyros sandwich. Pita bread, tomatoes, Fresh onion, and tzatziki sauce are also what goes into making the Best Gyros Sandwich.